Aquarium Management or Maintenance Services in Dubai , UAE

Our Maintenance for freshwater aquarium

  • Water Changes: Replacement of 40% to 50% of the water to remove waste and replenish nutrients.
  • Cleaning: Clean the tank glass, decorations, and filter to prevent algae buildup and maintain water quality.
  • Filter Maintenance: Clean or replace filter media as needed to ensure proper filtration. If replacing filter media cost will be added.
  • Water Testing: Check water parameters (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) to monitor the tank’s health.
  • Trimming Plants: If you have live plants over grown or weak leafs , trim them to encourage healthy growth.

Basic tips

  • Feeding Routine: Stick to a consistent feeding schedule and avoid overfeeding to prevent water contamination.
  • Observation: Regularly observe your fish for any signs of illness or stress.

By staying consistent with these tasks, your aquarium will be a perfect place for your fishes

Our maintenance for a marine (saltwater) aquarium

  • Water Changes: Change 10-20% of the water every 2 weeks to maintain water quality and replenish essential elements.
  • Salinity & pH Checks: Monitor salinity, pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels regularly using test kits.
  • Cleaning: Clean the tank glass, decorations, and skimmer regularly to prevent algae and detritus buildup.
  • Protein Skimming: If you have a protein skimmer, clean it to remove organic waste.
  • Filter Maintenance: Clean or replace filter media as needed to ensure effective filtration. If replacing filter media extra cost will be added.
  • Top-off Evaporation: Replace evaporated water with freshwater or with a pre-made saltwater mix to maintain stable salinity levels.
  • Coral Care: If you have corals, check their health, prune them if necessary, and ensure they’re receiving proper light and nutrients.

Basic Tips

  • Fish Feeding: Stick to a regular feeding schedule, being mindful not to overfeed, which can lead to water quality issues.
  • Observation: Regularly observe fish, corals, and other inhabitants for any signs of stress, disease, or aggression.

Maintaining stability in salinity and water parameters is crucial for the health of marine organisms, so consistency in these tasks is key.

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